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Do your visitors/readers like to wear named products to support famous people and/or their friends?

Now you can earn a 20% sales commission by directing your visitors/readers to GoFoIt.com, one of the largest collections of "Named" designs on t-shirts, sweatshirts, mouse pads, coasters, pinback buttons, magnets, coasters, posters, and other items online today! Many names are available. More names will be added on a regular basis.

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The Just4yucks affiliate program is administered by Cafepress.com, our product fulfillment provider. They provide independent tracking of orders placed through our catalog and pay commissions directly to affiliates. We accept any website, weblog or newsletter as an affiliate.

First you need to sign up as a member of Cafepress!
You don't need to have your own designs to sell. But you must become a Cafepress member before you may become an affiliate.

If you're already a Cafepress member, you're half way there! You just have to sign up for our Cafepress.com affiliate program!

Linking To GoFoIt.com

When you sign up for the Cafepress affiliate program, you will be given an affiliate ID number. Insert your own affiliate ID number in the appropriate place in the examples that follow.

Linking to the GoFoIt "main" store page:
(Replace the string "xxxxx" with your Affiliate ID number.)
This option points the visitor to the GoFoIt logo design, which has links back to the main GoFoIt name index page at GoFoIt.com.

Linking to a specific GoFoIt name:
Example - linking to the "go Tiger" index:
(Replace the string "xxxxx" with your Affiliate ID number.

Surf to the name you wish to link to and write down the store ID for that name. Replace the "gotiger" with the store name of the name you wish to link to. For example, if you want to link to the "go Mary" store, you would replace "gotiger" with "gomary".
For example - linking to the "go Mary" index:
(Replace the string "xxxxx" with your Affiliate ID number.)

You may link to as many different names as you want from your website, blog, or newsletter.

Be sure to link to the cafepress.com/go???? stores as shown in the examples above. You may link to the GoFoIt.com website directly, but you won't get any commissions for it. To earn affiliate commissions you must link to to one of our cafepress stores as shown in the examples.


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